This is one very common question I get all the time.

‘When I quit drinking all the sugary soda and fruit juice, what else can I drink?’

Water is your best pick of course! Tea or coffee without any sweetener is good too. If you want something refreshing and tasty without the sugar, try this Cream Soda!

I learned about this drink combination from our friend Martha and Michael Held. Martha and Michael has been following our sharing of the low carb high fat way of eating for better health. When we visited them in Colorado months ago, Martha brought out a can of soda and ask me if she could drink this. I looked at the ingredients list and it says flavored sparkling water with no sweetener. Yes!

She added a dash of heavy cream together with a couple drops of liquid stevia, and call it cream soda. I tried it without the sweetener and is refreshing! I prefer it without the stevia.

I’ve made a video to show you how I make this Cream Soda.

Pardon my saying of ‘no fat’ at the end of the video. The heavy cream does has a little bit of fat, which is exactly what we want! No sugar, just fat. 😀

What you need is, one glass of chilled sparkling water and 1 tablespoon of heavy cream.

Nutrition fact:

Each portion contains 0 grams total carb, 0 grams net carb, 0 g protein and 6.5 g fat.

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