2012 January mark another new beginning to more great food and great relationship .

Living a low-carb lifestyle for almost 3 years, I have come to understand how my body response with the choice of healthy food I eat everyday. Now, enjoy eating delicious food and keeping slim is no more a challenge for me. Most importantly, my lipid profile test for blood sugar , cholesterol  and triglyceride level are at the healthiest of my life.

Do I live to eat or eat to live? Both, I think. I wakes up every morning thinking what’s for breakfast. And after breakfast, what’s for lunch? After lunch, what’s for dinner? And what about tomorrow? And where should we go out and eat this weekend? Honestly, I do expect every meal to be great.  🙂

For the last many years, I have been exploring different country, different food culture and tasting delicious food where ever I may go. Now cooking delicious food with the freshest produce I can find is my hobby. Food is major part of my life and my passion.

From south east Asia, North America, Europe and many more each year! Durian, chili crab, satay, rojak, curry etc. in Singapore. Lao’s home-cook meal in Luang Prabang. Khmer food in Cambodia. Green and red curry, basil chicken, crispy fish, Tom-yum soup in Thailand. Fresh seafood in Australia. Braai in South Africa. Tapas and olive in Spain. Italy, Switzerland and more in North America!

Low-carb lifestyle is so much more fulfilling when we have plenty of delicious food to chose from.

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Let’s explore together for more food adventure and fun! 😀