We are thriving with eating low carb in a high carb world.

Planning ahead is crucial when going on a trip. Due to Dan’s work demand, I travel with him almost once every month. Most of the time he work and I play. Lucky me! Sometime if there is a topic that spike my interest in the conference, I’ll also sit in to learn something new from the medical expert. 🙂

I always make sure to pack some macadamia and pistachio nuts for snacks incase we don’t find any decent low carb meal transiting between airports. A small handful of nuts with a cup of tea or coffee added with cream, it usually keep us satiate till our destination. Nuts do contain some carbs. A quarter cup of macadamia contains 4 g total carbs, 3 g protein and 25 g fat. So I do count my nuts. 😀

We are fortunate to be promoted to the first class seats this trip to Orlando. And we were served with a meal that includes a chicken salad, a starchy mushroom soup (which I’ve skipped), some nuts, a cup of tea with cream and a glass of wine. And certainly, I’ve request for butter to be eaten with the salad.

salad on flight600x450

Most hotels we have stayed do not provide eggs and bacon for breakfast. Or some hotel cafe charges almost $20 including tips for two eggs and few strips of bacon.  We have since given up in getting our breakfast in a hotel. Instead I brought my homemade granola on our trip.

The day before this trip to Orlando for the MAD-ID 2015 conference (Making A Difference in Infection Diseases 2015), I baked a new batch of granola and brought a baggie with enough for the trip. At our destination we will buy a small tub of half and half to eat with the granola. Half and half has higher fat content and slightly lower in carb compare to whole milk.

A serving of the homemade granola (baked without using oat) added with half a cup of half and half. This breakfast contain about 12 g total carbs, 9.5 g protein and 45 g of fat.

granola fresh from oven600x800



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