Praises for our previous ebook:

Tina Lee:
"Kelly, at last, I downloaded my copy and was shocked!! It is a very well written book that could bring you lots of money!! I am so happy and feel like I got a Big Lucky draw prize. One day, I know I will be able to tell my friends that " Hey the author is my facebook friend!! " Thank you very much for this easy to understand e-book. :) Looking forward to many yummy meals!!"

Peggy Campbell:
"Kelly.....WOW!!! Your e-book is awesome! I am so impressed with your recipes.....your beautiful pictures....and your excellent tech skills to get that all done! I have spent an hour just looking and drooling. Thanks so much for generously sharing so much!"

Cara Ong Buehler:
"Thanks Kelly for your wonderful e-book. Simply love all your recipes, will be trying them soon!"

Michael Goh:
"You are a fantastic cook. Your dishes look colorful! I appreciate that you have spent great amounts of efforts in compiling your recipes into an e-book and share it with us unselfishly. Well done, Kelly!"

Angelina Hurtado Greenwood:
"Kelly, loved going through my copy of your great new cookbook. I love it, it's just lovely. Many great recipes, many good healthy ways to cook and eat, a simpler shopping method to make life healthier and easier for us all!! Can't wait to cook and taste some or all of them, more likely!! Thank you so much, you are a sweet thoughful young lady!!"

Lymond Koh:
"Hi Kelly, what a splendid gesture - Thanks. Great foods really juice up the mood, making good a hard day. Having a discerning taste, (better still if one can cook) constitutes the everyday happiness. And this culinary gem will make me a more literate food-lover, hence a happier day. Viva your gastronomic adventure!"

Christmas eggnog600x902

  ‘Christmas is not complete without eggnog.’ That’s what my husband Dan says. Dan loves the eggnog I made for him every Christmas. Once a year, this became a must have tradition in the family. He would wear his read sweater, put on his Christmas hat, sit by the fireplace reading his book and slowly savor a glass of homemade egg nog, with added touch of a fine Canadian whiskey. Making eggnog at home allows me to adjust the sweetness […]

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MYChina steamed garlic lobster-900x506

  It’s just a little less than a year ago that I did the 1st food tasting tour in the beautiful city of San Francisco. It’s certainly a wonderful memory of food and new friendships. This time I seized the opportunity when hubby had a conference to attend during this particular week. I reconnected with the foodie friends from last year to have our 2nd food tasting tour in the Bay Area. The restaurants we visited this time are more […]

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Signature slowroasted porkrib1-900x598

  This signature slow roasted pork ribs is my family and friends favourite. I have made this countless times over the last five years. Each time I try to make it even better by adjusting the spices and roasting time. Yesterday when I served this pork rib again, my husband said: this time you out done yourself. That was a nice compliment from him   Marinating the rack of ribs a day ahead is recommended. Let the marinade infuse the meat […]

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Blackberries clafoutis900x598

This French clafoutis is originated in Lumousin, France. A clafoutis is a traditional French custard cake. There are many variations of clafoutis made with different type of cherry or fruit, or served with fruit brandy in France.   In this recipe, I’ve made it with low carb ingredients by replacing the regular flour with almond flour, and a healthier sweetener Xylitol. Also, using blackberries, raspberries or blueberries we can keep the carb level as low as possible.   This dessert […]

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homemade creamy mayonnaise900x598

  It is almost impossible to find a store bought mayonnaise that is not made with omega-6 canola oil, soy bean oil or seed oil. Most bottled mayonnaise also contains some kind of added starch or sugar. Making mayonnaise at home with the fresh ingredients is the best way to eliminating hidden carb from store bought product.   Here’s how I make my mayonnaise. Print Homemade creamy mayonnaise Author: Kelly Peterson Recipe type: Low carb sauce Prep time:  10 mins Total time:  […]

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